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Using the Gospel Project® as a Family Devotional

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In Gateway's KidzTown Ministries we recognize that you, as parents or guardians, are the primary spiritual influencers in your child’s life. Our desire is to partner with you in teaching your children about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we are so excited to start this "What’s Up in KidzTown" Blog as a way to communicate with you what you child is learning on Sundays  from our Gospel Project® curriculum! This blog is filled with activities and ideas of how to continue the learning and spiritual growth of your child throughout the week!

Resources Related to the Gospel Project®

  •  What’s Up in KidzTown Blog: overviews the lesson that you student learned this week and ideas of how you can discuss the lesson with your child.
  •  Activity Page: comes home with your child each week. The Activity Page proves some basic information about the Bible story, and interactive activity or puzzle to do with your child, family conversation starters, and family activity suggestions.
  • Coloring Page: also comes home with your child each week. It is the same picture that we used in our lesson with your child.
  • Unit Key Passage: a memory verse for the unit that relates to each lesson in the unit.
  • The Gospel Project for Kids Family App: available on Android and iOS devices. Once you download the free reader, you can purchase the content for each quarter. This content includes Bible story videos, audio versions the Key Passage and Unit Theme songs, learning activities, and games.

How to Use Gospel Project® Resources as a Family Devotional

  • Talk about the Coloring Page picture.* Look at the picture and ask your child what the story was about. Ask what the story teaches us about Jesus. Use the Christ Connection on the Activity Page and/or What’s Up in KidzTown Blog to guide your conversation.
  • Complete the Activity & talk about the Family Discussion Starters* on the Activity Page.
  •  Watch the Bible story video or play a game. If you have purchased the content in the app, you can watch the Bible story video or play a game related to the lesson.
  • Do one of the Family Activity Ideas on the Activity Page. As you do the activity, discuss how the activity connects to the Bible story.
  • Practice the Unit Key Passage as a family. If you have the app, listen to the Unit Key Passage audio clip together and/or make the Key Passage into a song with hand motions as a family! Discuss how the current Bible story connects with the Key Passage.
  • Pray. Pray as a family for any needs and thank God for His goodness most clearly seen in Jesus. Pray that each family member can love God more and obey God out of gratitude with joy.
*If your child is too young to participate in this discussion, have them repeat the short statements with you a few times.
We hope these resources give you some ideas of how you could use our lessons from the Gospel Project® to initiate conversations with your child each week. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional devotional ideas!
Alison Hansen
Director of Early Childhood Ministry (Babies through Pre-K)
Erin Krotz
Director of Student Ministries (K through 8th grade)