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Sunday, March 10, 2019 in Elementary KidzTown

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Moses was born into a culture that hated his people. If you remember, the Israelites—descendants of Israel (Jacob)—had set up their home in Egypt when a famine forced them to seek out food. They became so numerous that Pharaoh felt threatened and forced them into slavery. But their families still grew, and Pharaoh instituted an unimaginable method of population control: kill all of the baby boys.

Moses’ story is a clear picture of God’s sovereignty. Not only was Moses’ life spared by the Egyptian princess, Moses’ mother was able to care for him. Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s house and then spent years shepherding in Midian before God called him to his task.

Imagine the encounter between God and Moses at the burning bush. God drew a curious Moses to Himself and then spoke: “Moses, Moses!”

God identified Himself as the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob. He testified to His own grace: “I have observed the misery of my people … and I know about their sufferings … I am sending you … so that you may lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt” (Ex. 3:7-10).

God revealed His name: “I AM WHO I AM.” The most basic and important fact about God is that He exists; He always has and always will exist. God does not change. God revealed to Moses who He is so that the people would trust in Him.

Help your kids understand that God saved Moses’ life and called him to rescue God’s people from slavery. The calling of Moses points to a greater calling and rescue—the call of Jesus to come to earth to save God’s people. Jesus gave up His life to save us from slavery to sin.


•What name did God use to identify Himself to Moses? (See Exodus 3:13-14.)

•The story of Moses points to whose greater calling and rescue? (the call of Jesus to come to earth to save people from sin)

•How can God use you? How can you give Him the credit?

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Use the Internet to research different ways to waterproof materials. Work together as a family to waterproof winter clothing, and discuss what Moses’ mother did to protect his basket.


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Sunday, February 24, 2019 in Elementary KidzTown

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Last week, kids learned that God had a plan for Joseph’s suffering. The land of Egypt enjoyed seven years of plenty before a famine struck, just as Pharaoh had dreamed. During that time, Joseph gathered all the excess food and stored it in the cities. The famine was severe in every land, so Joseph opened the storehouses and sold grain to everyone who needed it.

Jacob and his family lived in Canaan, and Jacob sent his sons to Egypt for grain. Jacob still felt the sting of losing Joseph. He did not allow his youngest son, Benjamin, to go for fear of losing him too. But Joseph wasn’t dead. He was in Egypt and had been elevated to a position of authority. As his sons headed to Egypt, Jacob had no idea that the journey would lead to a family reunion.

Although Joseph recognized his brothers immediately, they did not recognize him. When Joseph finally revealed his identity to his brothers, they must have been in awe that the brother they sold into slavery was now a powerful leader in Egypt! Would Joseph use his authority to rescue his family from the famine? Or would he avenge his brothers’ evil against him?

What Joseph’s brothers intended for harm, God intended for good. Joseph invited his family to come to Egypt where they could thrive. God clearly used Joseph to provide for Jacob’s family and establish a remnant. As Jacob made his way to Egypt, God spoke to him in a vision and repeated the promise He first made to Abraham: “I will make you into a great nation” (Gen. 46:3). 

Joseph and his father’s family stayed in Egypt. Before he died, Joseph reminded his brothers of God’s promise to their family. (See Gen. 50:24.) Despite Egyptian oppression, Jacob’s descendants multiplied. God kept His promise, and through the nation of Israel and the tribe of Joseph’s brother Judah, God worked out His plan to provide His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem people from sin.

Emphasize to your kids that God had a plan for Joseph’s life. He allowed Joseph to suffer to rescue a whole nation. In a greater way, God planned for Jesus to suffer so that many—people from all nations—would be saved from sin.


•How did Joseph’s dreams come true?

•How did God use evil for good?

•When someone wrongs you, do you choose to forgive or to seek revenge?

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Talk to your kids about the problem of hunger. Remind them that even in the developed world, some people go hungry. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen or a food bank.


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