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Sunday, July 29th in Early Childhood KidzTown


This week our story was about Moses and how God used Moses to lead God’s people out of Egypt.

 ACTIVITY IDEA: This week as your help your little one identify people in their life and how they are all a part of God’s people. Say: “God leads everyone – mommies, daddies, [etc.], and you!”

NEXT WEEK: Hannah & Samuel (1 Samuel 1-2)



UNIT KEY PASSAGE: All scripture is inspired by God. 1 Timothy 3:16  

BIG PICTURE QUESTION: How do we live while waiting for Jesus to come back? We follow Jesus and tell everyone about Him. 


  • God teaches us through the Bible.
  • Paul asked Philemon to forgive Onesimus.
  • Jesus wants us to do what is right because we love Him.


During this unit, we will be looking at how God gave hope to Christians while they waited for Jesus’ return. Paul was a prisoner under house arrest in Rome when a man named Onesimus (oh NESS ih muhs) came to visit him. Onesimus was a slave who had run away from a wealthy man named Philemon. As it turned out, Paul was a friend of Philemon. So when Paul told Onesimus the good news about Jesus and Onesimus believed, Paul desired forgiveness and reconciliation between Onesimus and Philemon—now brothers in Christ.

So Paul wrote a letter and told Onesimus to take it to Philemon. The Book of Philemon is the letter written by Paul to Philemon. Though Onesimus had become dear to him and Paul wanted Onesimus to stay with him in Rome, Paul sent him back to Philemon with his letter.

In the letter, Paul urged Philemon to forgive Onesimus and treat him as a fellow brother in Christ. Paul even offered to pay Onesimus’s debt for him. Though Paul could have used his authority as an apostle of Christ to force Philemon to do what he wanted, Paul instead appealed to him as a friend and a fellow believer. He urged Philemon to treat Onesimus as if he were Paul himself—with love and kindness.

Paul offered to pay Onesimus’s debt to make peace between him and Philemon. In this way, Paul acted like Jesus, who makes peace between God and man. Jesus took the punishment we deserve for our sin. He paid our debt so that we can be forgiven and welcomed by God as brothers and sisters of Jesus. (See Heb. 2:11.)

CHRIST CONNECTION: Paul’s letter serves as a reminder to us that everyone is equal before Jesus. People from completely different backgrounds—like Paul, a former Jewish leader; Onesimus, a runaway slave; and Philemon, a Gentile slave-owner—are brought together by the gospel under the lordship of Jesus Christ. In light of God’s love for us, remind your kids this week that we can be loving, kind, and forgiving to our brothers and sisters in Christ for the glory of God. 

 ACTIVITY IDEA:  Discuss a recent situation where you preschooler was upset with someone (i.e. sibling, friend, etc). Discuss with them just like Jesus died to forgive us of our sins, we can be loving, kind, and forgiving to the people in our life. Encourage your preschooler to draw a picture to give to the person they were upset with, to tell them that they love them.

Want more ideas of how to use this information with your family during the week? Check out this blog post: Using the Gospel Project as a Family Devotional (http://gatewaychurch.org/whats-up-in-kidztown/using-the-gospel-project-as-a-family-devotional/)

NEXT WEEK: “Paul Gave Hope” (1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11)


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Sunday, July 29 in Elementary KidzTown

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Key Passage: Revelation 22:12-13

Big Picture Question: What will we do after Jesus returns? God will live with His people, and we will enjoy Him forever.

Christ Connection: Jesus promised to come back to earth soon. When Christ returns, those who trust in Jesus will be with Him and enjoy Him forever. God will undo every bad thing caused by sin—no more death, no more pain, no more tears. Jesus is making all things new.

Today’s Bible story focuses on the last few chapters of the Book of Revelation. While he was a prisoner on the island of Patmos, the apostle John had an amazing vision of heaven. Jesus told John to write down everything he saw. John saw things that will happen when Jesus comes back to earth. Jesus—who entered Jerusalem humbly on a donkey—will come victoriously, riding on a white horse. His name will be on His robe and His thigh: 



Satan and the evil ones will be defeated and thrown into the lake of fire. The Lord will be on His throne. Then out of heaven will come a new creation—a new heaven and a new earth. God will dwell with humanity. They will be His people, and He will be their God.

John described the beauty of the New City—the New Jerusalem. The streets will be pure gold, like clear glass. The foundations of the city wall will be adorned with precious stones. The city will not need the sun or the moon because God’s glory will illuminate it. There will be no darkness, and nothing evil will ever come into the city.

The promised return of Christ should fill believers with hope, strengthening them to persevere through the trials of this life and remain faithful to the Lord. When Christ returns, those who trust in Him will be with Him and enjoy Him forever. God will undo every bad thing caused by sin—no more death, no more pain, no more tears. Jesus is making all things new!

Christ’s return should also give believers a sense of urgency to share the gospel with the world. It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes! (Rom. 1:16) Jesus is coming soon. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

Activity: Read Revelation 21:3-6. Provide paper, crayons, and markers for kids to draw a picture of what heaven will be like. Talk about what it will be like to live with God forever

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