In our effort to construct a new building, we have identified certain milestones to mark our progress!  Below you'll find our building project milestones list along with the targeted time-frame to complete each one.

Building "under roof" - January 2017

Raise 2 Million - August 2017

Occupancy Permit -  July 2017


Plan Submission to Loudoun County - July 2014

This first major milestone is the submissionof the Building Site Plan to Loudoun County the week of July 14th.  By submitting the Site Plan, this also enables Gateway to pursue a Property Tax Waiver earlier than previously thought, which will potentially provide a large yearly General Budget savings if granted.

As we hit each milestone, we need to remember what it takes to make this building a reality and why it's important.  Below is a video of Tessa sharing why she's giving to the building.



Settlement of the South Parcel - November 2014

The sale of the South Parcel, has gone through!  This sale will bring us the necessary funds to assist with debt and future building costs, relieve the Church of obligations to build a portion of the future Tall Cedar Parkway, and commit the buyer to bring utilities to our building site.

With this new milestone bringing us one step closer to our goal, watch the Sallee family explain why they are excited about the building campaign.



Early Tax Exemption of Church Site - January 2015

The county has granted us early tax exemption status!  This development has relieved us of a financial burden we've had for many years in regards to our land and gives us additional funds to put towards the building!

To follow up this huge step forward, here's the Hansen family talking about their excitement with the building campaign!



Site Plan Final Approval - April 2015

Our site plan for the new building has been approved!  This gets us one step closer to seeing actual work be done our land!

Check out the Vlasto family sharing their excitement about seeing a new building put up on our land.

Building Permit Submission - 1st Quarter of 2016

We have submitted our Building Permit to the County for approval.  This is one of last hurdles to pass before construction can begin!


Sale of West Parcel - 1st Quarter of 2016

Gateway has reached an agreement to sell our West Parcel of land!  This was crucial as the sale gives us much needed capital to fund the building process.


Raised 1 Million - March 2016

Gateway is Giving!  The Don't Miss This Capital Campaign has just reached a milestone...One Million dollars faithfully donated to the building fund by members of Gateway Community Church!

If you are interested in giving to the campaign, please don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn how.  You can also give online here.


Building Permit Final Approval - May 2016

The county approved our building permit!  We now start clearing the land in preparation to build!


Closing of a Construction Loan - May 2016

Gateway Community Church and Middleburg Bank have reached an agreement on a
Construction Loan!  With this loan, we can now forge ahead with construction!


Site Clearing Complete - 2nd Quarter of 2016

SW Rogers worked through the late spring and early summer (including weekends!) to ensure we stayed on schedule.  Our site pad was completed a week early thanks to the hard work of the team and awesome weather.


Building Construction Begins - 3rd Quarter of 2016

At the end of July 2016, Scott Long Construction Company brought men and machines out to the property and started working on our building!  The first major progress was seen on our gymnasium where concrete walls began to go up.