Groups at Gateway are the place where we get connected and share our lives with one another. Being connected to others encourages us to grow, care and serve together. Beginning Fall 2017, we will be offering 3 types of groups: activity groups, classes and small groups. We believe church is more than just what happens on Sunday; we hope you'll join a group, connect and have fun together, while experiencing and living out authentic Christian community.


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South Riding Group

Time | Wednesday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location | South Riding VA 20152

Leader | Hufnagel's and Thompson's,

Childcare | Yes

Leaders: David Hufnagel & Crystal Cline and Ty & JaRee Thompson
Study: Something spiritual
Our group is exclusively for married or single people that may or may not have kids. Must be working, retired, young, old, or in between. A college degree is required, or not. An enjoyment of eating is mandatory. The group occasionally does spiritual stuff.
Outreach: Hunger Strike meal packing event (FKA Stop Hunger Now).