Groups Ministry Director

Job Summary:

The Groups Ministry Director is responsible for providing vision, direction, support and development to Gateway Community Church’s groups ministry. Gateway’s priority is to see increased participation in groups by the growing congregation, connecting individuals and families for the purpose of experiencing authentic Christian community.


  • Provide visional and missional direction to Gateway’s groups ministry
  • Design and manage a dynamic strategic plan to achieve the ministry’s objectives
  • Maintain a solid infrastructure to administer groups effectively
  • Execute and manage a plan to help groups expand and thrive, and equip leaders and coaches to grow
  • Commit—in everything you do—to live out the vision, mission, core values and Statement of Faith of Gateway Community Church, and perform all tasks and responsibilities in a God-honoring and kingdom-building manner

Task Descriptions:

  • Provide vision and direction to Gateway’s groups ministry:
    • Set annual goals to expand participation and promote spiritual health in Gateway’s groups, in coordination with the Lead Pastor
    • Communicate the vision, mission, and activity of Gateway’s groups ministry through clearly written communication, personal connections, social media presence, special events, and congregational meetings
    • Establish and manage annual budgets to support the groups ministry goals and objectives 
  • Design and manage the day-to-day activities of groups:
    • Create a support team to help manage the many aspects of the groups ministry
    • Communicate, train, encourage, assist, nurture and deepen the relationships with coaches, leaders, and group participants in a way that promotes individual and group growth and cohesiveness
    • Actively promote community outreach that helps expose the non-Gateway community at large, to groups 
  • Maintain an administrative infrastructure for Gateway’s groups:
    • Establish metrics to evaluate the effectiveness, direction, and the goals of groups
    • Connect group activities with the larger goals and objectives of Gateway
  • Support groups leadership and promote a culture of learning:
    • Develop training materials for leaders, coaches, and those aspiring to take on leadership responsibilities
    • Provide a variety of teaching and training classes, workshops, community events, and one-on-one learning opportunities
    • Work hand-in-hand with the groups’ volunteers and other ministry teams to promote and advocate for the mission of groups
  • Live the vision and the mission of groups:
    • Set the example of living out the core values of Gateway, its groups ministry and the biblical teachings of God’s word
    • Maintain confidentiality in support for individual and family needs
    • Embrace the different cultural experiences and socio-economic diversity of Gateway
    • Actively participate in one or more groups


  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree
  • Has developed a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ for at least 5 years and continues to exhibit an unwavering commitment to growing personally in faith, and recognizes the Bible as the authority for our lives
  • Experience working in a groups ministry capacity in a large church environment with a minimum of 1,000 members
  • Possesses a relational and engaging personality that values people, has strong interpersonal skills, can work both collaboratively and independently, and abide by church policies and procedures

To apply, please send a resume to .