Stewardship Info

Welcome to Gateway Community Church’s Stewardship Page.  We believe that Using our Resources with Wisdom and Purpose is a high priority and an ongoing habit for both the individual and for Gateway.  This information is provided to give a better understanding of the different aspects of stewardship and how our financial resources are used.

Use Resources with Wisdom and Purpose

As followers of Jesus, we recognize that peace and happiness are found in God and not in material possessions. We also realize that all we have physically, spiritually and emotionally, is a gift from God.  Therefore, as an act of obedience and an expression of gratitude, we want to use our finances, time and energy to honor God and serve the community.

(Deuteronomy 8:1-20; Psalm 24:1; Malachi 3:10; 1 John 2:15-17; Matthew 6:19-21, 24;  2 Corinthians 9:6-13; Galatians 5:22-23; Ephesians 4:28; James 1:17)

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team at Gateway is entrusted to help manage Gateway’s financial resources, provide guidance on Gateway’s financial matters, and give stewardship education to our congregation.  The team is led by our Treasurer.

Ways to Donate/Contribute to Gateway Community Church

Checks, Cash, or Money Orders

There are three ways to contribute checks, cash, or money orders:

  • Place in the offering basket during Sunday morning worship service
  • Drop-off at the Gateway office during normal business hours
  • Mail to the Gateway office at the following address:

Gateway Community Church
24796 Gateway Village Place
South Riding, VA 20152

Bill Pay (Preauthorized Payments)

This is a service most banks provide where you can have your contribution transferred from your checking or savings account to Gateway Community Church at a set time each month or when you dictate   To utilize this service, please set-up your Bill Pay payee and send your contribution to:

Gateway Community Church
24796 Gateway Village Place
South Riding, VA 20152

Online Giving

Contributions can be made online by clicking the “Contribute Now” button on the Online Giving page.

  • See the specific Online Giving information here
Stocks and Mutual Fund Shares

Donations of stock and mutual fund shares can be made through our Middleburg Bank investment account.  Please contact the Gateway office at 703-327-2700 or  for the required information to make stock donations.

The benefits of donating stock, bonds or mutual funds to charity

When you donate securities you have held for longer than one year to a charity, there may be a substantial benefit to both giver and recipient. Specifically, the charity may receive a larger donation and you may pay less in taxes. That could be a win/win for both of you, and is also fully endorsed by the government!

How could this work? Let’s say Mike has a stock that has grown from an initial investment of $2000 to a current value of $5000, giving him a gain of $3000. If Mike donates the stock directly to the church, he can deduct $5000 from his income. If Mike is in the 28% tax bracket, he will shave $1400 off his taxes for the year. On top of that, he won't have to pay taxes on the $3000 gain in the stock price! That could be a double benefit for Mike.

And the church may benefit, too. If Mike had decided to sell the stock and make a cash contribution instead, not only would he lose the benefits above, but the extra taxes he would have to pay would probably come from the sale of the stock. As a result, the church would generally not receive the full $5000, but probably around $4200 or less if in other tax brackets etc. To make things even worse, Mike’s charitable contribution amount may be reduced to $4200 as well, so he wouldn't get as much of a tax deduction.

This is a provision created by the government to encourage charitable giving. Undoubtedly, there may be unusual nuances in your specific situation that could affect the hypotheticals above, so you should check with your tax adviser, accountant, lawyer or financial planner before considering taking advantage of these possibilities.

Contribution Statements

Contributions Statements are distributed at least twice per year.  If you would like to obtain a year-to-date contribution statement or have any questions regarding contribution statements, please email or call the Treasurer or Tim Eagle at