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The Savior of the World - The Second Coming

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Today Associate Pastor Alex York preached, continuing in the Advent series "The Savior of the World."

Another part of Advent is readings about Jesus' second advent, the second coming -- such as Luke 21:25-28.  We tend to overlook those readings in the Advent season, just as we try not to think about the many injustices still existing in the world today and all the people who are longing for Jesus to come and put things right.

We looked at Three Suggestions from II Peter 3:2-14:

1)  Remember regularly.

vs. 2 -- He appeals to the prophets, to Jesus, and to the apostles.

The prophets talked about a coming day of the Lord when he would come and set things right.

Jesus himself said to keep watch and be ready.

The apostles also preached about the second coming.

Jesus is coming again!

2)  Wait patiently.

Verses 8-9 -- The Lord is giving everyone an opportunity to repent.  (Psalm 90:4; Galatians 4:4)

Like his first coming, his second coming will be at just the right time.

Ezekiel 8:23 -- He's giving us opportunities to turn and live.

Since the Lord is patient, we, too, should be patient.  It's active waiting, searching our own hearts, showing grace toward others.  Energetic waiting.

3)  Prepare eagerly.

Verses 11-14 -- "live holy and godly lives"; "look forward to the day of the Lord"; "speed its coming"; "make every effort."

We will get front row seats as Jesus makes everything right.

Don't draw our values from this world -- it's passing away.  Godly lives are aimed at bringing glory to God.

"Speed its coming" -- Join with God in his work.  In our motives and actions, strive to emulate Jesus.

Our world is full of people who are hungry for hope.

Remember:  The back end of the story is just as exciting.

We're in a season of opportunity!