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The Golden Calf - Idolatry

Today John Maulella preached a sermon from Exodus 32 about the dangers of idolatry.

We are naturally imitators.  None of us are originals.  We resemble what we revere.

When we revere things other than God, it's called idolatry.

Idolatry: Looking for our satisfaction and security from sources other than God.

We don't build cow statues today, but do we build other monuments?  The idol was a representation of God.

Idolatry can flourish in uncertainty and anxiety.

I can't see God.  But I can see other sources of security, so it's tempting to elevate them.

We're waiting for Moses, and he's not coming.  We tend to go back to what we know.

Idolatry blurs God's uniqueness into "God and..."

The Israelites were mixing God with something else.  They claimed their fertility celebration was a festival to the Lord - using God's covenant name.

Idolatry adores the "made" in place of the Maker.

Idolatry is a distortion of good things. 

Idolatry breeds when godly leaders don't lead.

Aaron had been the channel for God's words.  What if he had just said "No"?

We have influence over others for good or bad.  This is seen by the kings in Israel's history.

Why was God so angry?  His people were becoming like their idols - blind and deaf.  They were acting like cattle.

See Psalm 115:4-8 and Psalm 135:15-18.  They were blind so they can't see him at work, deaf to his words.

You will become like what you worship.

Why were images of God prohibited? (Exodus 20)  You were made to be His image!  The people were supposed to reflect God.  You're it!

We have to acknowledge we've not lived up to this.  We've tried to make our own images.

Jesus is the true image of God (Colossians 1:15).  We follow the true image, God's Son.