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How and Why We Worship

Last Sunday, June 10th, Pastor Ed Allen began a new series on Worship.  He interspersed the message with songs led by the Worship Team.

Worship is a whole-self engagement with God on the terms that He prescribes and in the way that He alone makes possible, including adulation, devotion, and reverential acts of submission.

Worship involves our whole lives!

With God, the basic framework for our relationship is Creator/created, therefore the rules of engagement are that we worship Him.

We looked at Psalm 84, which talks about an "at home-ness," a spirit of rest that comes from worshiping God.

"The joy of the Lord is my strength." -- There's a strength in worshiping God.

When we engage our whole lives in worshiping God, we will feel the benefit.

There's also a corporate dimension to worship.  (Psalm 95)

One of the primary purposes for gathering together is encouragement and strengthening.  For US, not just for me.

We give our whole lives - not only our time, but also our will, our mind, our emotions, our bodies.  All are involved in worship.

Music, prayer, service, reading, art, work, testimony -- all can be worship.

And here we heard the testimony of Jason Orr, a young man who grew up in the church but departed from it - and came back.  He was radiantly playing keyboards with the worship team today.

The Scripture calls for worship that is true as opposed to false.  (Isaiah 29:13)

Our hearts need to be right.

Worship must:  Support our unity.  Involve head, heart, will, and body.  Honor God and brag about Jesus.  Be true to God's Word.

True worship is our response to God's activity on our behalf.  (Acts 17:26-28)

We rejected God, but He came after us.  We fall in love with HIm - and worship.  It's reactive communication.

True worship includes the adulation of the true God.  (2 Chronicles 29:3-4)

Worship involves excessive praise -- Singing, playing instruments, shouting, spoken praise, prayer.

And through all of this message, we practiced what was being preached - with worship.

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Ministry Team Feature: The Prayer Team

I'd like to periodically feature the different ministry teams at Gateway.  It's easiest to start with the one I'm on, the Prayer Team, led by Julie Abraham.  Here's hoping this is the first of several features on ministry teams.

Who is currently on the Prayer Team?

Julie Abraham is the leader, with members Mark Abraham, John and Lisa Maulella, Phil and Trisha Sallee, Rachel Wallner and Sondy Eklund.  Others help with the Prayer Room ministry, praying down front after the services.  Alex York is the staff contact.

What does the Prayer Team do?

The Prayer Team has a mission of encouraging prayer throughout our church.  We also try to pray over the big picture prayer requests for the church, be available for those who need prayer. and try to make sure prayer needs get communicated to people who will be praying.
With those goals in mind, the Prayer Team: 
  • Runs the "Prayer Room" after each Sunday service.
  • Plans a monthly Prayer and Praise service.  (The next one is *tomorrow night,* March 10, at 7:00 at the church office!)
  • Meets monthly to pray over church needs.
  • Prays for each Gateway ministry team.
  • Prays for requests as they come in.
  • Prays before each Sunday service.  (This happens at 9:30 am in the music room next to the hall leading from the parking lot.  All who attend Gateway are welcome!)

How has being on the Prayer Team touched your life?

Julie says, "I have grown a lot in my prayer life and my relationship with the Lord by being a part of the prayer team.  It has been such a blessing to share fellow Gateway people's burdens through prayer.  It's an honor to pray with others and to pray for them. My commitment and heart for Gateway has deepened just through interceding.  I learn so much through my fellow prayer team members that I hardly feel as if I am a leader.  But when leadership responsibilities call my name, I definitely feel challenged and get amazed at how God leads me and works everything out."

My answer is, "For me, selfishly, I've gotten prayed for so many times when I've needed it!  But it's also meant so much to be able to lift others before the Lord in prayer.  It builds my faith to see God's answers, and it's a blessing to be able to do this for my brothers and sisters in Christ.  It reminds me to pray for the big-picture needs of Gateway, and I feel all the more part of this community and this body of Christ."

Are there openings on the Prayer Team?

Always!  If you have a heart for prayer and/or want a way to grow in your prayer life, please consider joining our prayer team; there are many different ways to partake and serve.

How do I sign up?

Talk with Julie Abraham.

And whether or not you can join the team, come join us in prayer and praise tomorrow night!