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Kinetic: The Trial

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On Palm Sunday (April 9, 2017), Pastor Ed Allen continued the series called "Kinetic" by looking at Jesus' trial before Pilate.

But before the sermon, he sat down with Jan Zachariasse, who told his story.  Changed lives are always inspiring!  When Jesus collided with Jan's life, things happened!

Sunday we were celebrating what Jesus did at the cross, so we mainly did some reflecting, reading over the story of the Trial.

But first we read responsively from Psalm 118, the psalm read at the Triumphal Entry.

Jesus is kinetic.  He is in motion.  When kinetic Jesus collides with another life, it creates energy and change.  Jesus carries within himself the energy of heaven.  This was in evidence until the very end of his life.  Everywhere he went, stuff happened.

In elastic collisions, no energy is lost.  But there are almost no places in nature with truly elastic collisions.  Any time a life collides with Jesus, there's almost always at least some residue.  Truly elastic would be perfect obedience.

When we're in a car by the side of a road, we can feel the wind of passing kinetic energy, which is very different from the energy of a collision.

We often work to find ways to keep collision at bay.  Pilate may have been in that place.

We read John 18-19, in the light of Four Observations John wants us to get:

1)  This was not a fair trial.

2)  Pilate is intrigued.

He's provoked by Jesus, off his game.  You can't be near Jesus and not be affected.

3)  The events are driven by the hatred of the Jewish leaders, but even more by the hand of the Father.

4)  Jesus was fully aware.

This week:

Remember and reflect on our Savior.

Be amazed!

The transfer of energy is never perfect.  Let that kinetic energy into your life and Repent!


Kinetic: Blind Man Sees

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Last Sunday (April 2), Associate Pastor Alex York continued the sermon series "Kinetic," preaching out of John 9 on "Blind Man Sees."

There are three sections in the passage.

I.  Jesus and the Man Born Blind (John 9:1-12)

The disciples started a theological discussion, but Jesus saw him as a man in need.

Let's not discuss it, let's help him.

Jesus got the man involved by giving him an assignment.

Jesus got his own hands dirty.  Literally.

This man wasn't looking for Jesus, but Jesus took the initiative and did more than he dreamed was possible.  (Eph. 3:20)

Sometimes Jesus intervenes on our behalf in ways we don't expect.

There's always a strong connection between obedience and blessing.

Sometimes it's easy not to see people in need.

Jesus had a bias for action.

II.  The Man's Story (John 9:13-34)

Jesus healed on the Sabbath, which started another theological discussion.

The formerly blind man gets more and more eloquent until he's kicked out.  He's an example of telling your story well.

He gives a true and honest account and isn't afraid to say when he doesn't know.

All I know:  I was blind, but now I see!

Sometimes others have already made up their minds.

III.  Jesus and the Formerly Blind Man (John 9:35-41)

Jesus found the man.

Watch the progression of the blind man: from an outsider to a worshiper.

Supposed insiders were the scoffers.

Jesus gives the man an assignment.  If you're on the outside, jump in.  Jesus gives you a green light.

Jesus doesn't wait until you have faith to bless you.

"Lord, I believe!" - That's a confession of faith in a nutshell.


We closed the service with a time of prayer.

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