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Today Katie Harding gave us a Mother's Day message from I Thessalonians 2.

She showed us some letters her mother gave her that she has always treasured.  Paul wrote this letter to people he loved.

We looked at the What, Why & How of Sowing.

Sowing can mean scattering seed.  It can also be used to mean strengthening or giving of myself to others.

What do we sow?

We want to sow Jesus, not just one aspect of Jesus.

The gospel, the good news, in one word, is Jesus.  (I Thess. 2:8)

Do our actions show that Jesus lives in us?  The indwelling presence of Jesus allows us to sow Jesus in other people's lives.  Paul sowed Jesus, and then his own life.

Remember to also offer Jesus to your children and coworkers and neighbors.  Circumstances change, but always sow Jesus.

Why do we sow?

"... because we loved you so much."  "...for your sake."

Jesus offers abundant life.  Paul didn't preach for money, but to benefit his listeners.

How do we sow?

verse 7 - "Instead" - they weren't looking for praise or exercising authority.  They were like young children - humble, gentle, and kind.  That's how Jesus is.

"Just as a nursing mother cares for her children, so we cared for you."

1)  Take time.

Nursing mothers are at the baby's mercy and give the nourishment they need.  Lean in to people's lives.  Wherever God has placed you, you're the presence of Christ in that place.

2)  Listen for the need.

Babies let the nursing mother know what they need!  We serve the need they have instead of giving what we think they need.

Listen to what they say they need.

3)  Fill up to empty.

We fill up when our baby is hungry and empty out.

So empty into others' lives.

But the key is in filling up again.  Fill up by focusing on Jesus.  Empty so you can fill up again.

Does it make a difference?  Yes.

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