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Seven Helpful Hints for Spiritual Growth

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Today Pastor Ed Allen continued his series on Spiritual Growth in Philippians, looking at the amazing passage of Philippians 3:1-16.  From this passage, he pulled out 7 helpful hints to help us grow spiritually.

1)  Remember that self-salvation projects will not work (verses 1-3).

We don't need go-to-church-ism or do-good-ism.  Those things may be helpful, but they are not essential.

We need Jesus.

The fuel is the Spirit of God, not our effort, not the structure of the church.

The point is not to know more and behave better, but to love God and love others.  The essence is Christ.

2)  Adopt a healty disregard for your own accomplishments (verse 7).

We want to impress people with our resumes, even with our children's resumes.  Paul had an impressive resume, but it was all loss.

3)  Encourage your own passionate longing to know Christ (verses 8, 10, 11).

Knowing Christ compared to everything else:  Everything else is rubbish!

This is the heart condition for dynamic spiritual growth.

Our passion may not always burn this hot, but we get it.

Whatever stokes your passionate longing for Christ, soak your heart in that.  (Romans 12:11)  Your life and infuence will follow.

4)  Develop a holy dissatisfaction (verse 12).

Paul wasn't resting on his laurels.

5)  Forget the things which lie behind us (verse 13).

Press ahead.  Don't wallow in the past, but remember as it helps you move forward.

6)  Strain forward to what lies ahead (verses 12b-14).

Streatch out, reach.  Again, this isn't casual spirituality.  The word used is also translated "upward calling" - your life can be richer and better.

If you don't get it, just try it!  Press in.

Perhaps the key for you is not greater effort, but greater surrender.

7)  Put into practice what you've been shown (verse 16).

Very few people need more information!

How has God stirred you?  Do that!

What has God said to you?  Do that, and watch God supply!

Our relationship with God is like everything else - if we aim at nothing, we'll get there.