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Here's the post with this week's devotional on Financial Management.

This week, Pastor Ed Allen continued his series on Self-Management by talking about Financial Management.  This is continuing to discuss a practice we strive for as a congregation, Using our resources with wisdom and purpose.

We looked at I Timothy 6:9 and 18-19.  From John Piper, he noted that what you feel about money can destroy you, or it can secure the foundation of eternal life for you.

Our goal is to use our money in a way that will do us the greatest and longest gain (with an eternal perspective).

The rest of the sermon focused on II Corinthians 9:6-15, which has the most critically important principle about giving:

Happily give what you've decided to give.

We looked at 5 truths from this passage:

1)  We should make a decision about giving.

God isn't interested in casual giving.

2)  Our attitude in giving should be joy.

Reluctance doesn't please God.

3)  You cannot outpace God in your desire to give.

If you truly desire to give more, God will provide it.

Sometimes God waits for us to begin, then He supplies.

4)  Our giving will be blessed by God.

We'll be enriched, to be generous.

5)  Our giving results in a riot of praise and blessing and growth!

Pastor Ed finished with some Application Suggestions:

1)  Take the next step in managing your finances well this week.

2)  Take the next step in generosity.


Now, Gateway, how has this sermon played out in your life?  Any additional thoughts?  Experiences to share?

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Sondy Eklund January 18, 2017 12:28pm

I was thinking about when I give my time to people, and how that's the area that I'm prone to resentment, if I interrupt my schedule of Getting Meaningful Things Done, and they don't appreciate it. (I'm thinking in my marriage, but it happens other times, too.) And that resentment is a problem and comes back to bite me. Then the verse we used this week struck me, and I realized:

God isn't the only one who loves a cheerful giver!

If you're going to give, do it wholeheartedly and cheerfully. Otherwise, you're investing, not giving, and you expect something in return. If you don't get it, you're planting seeds of resentment.

Becca Fick January 20, 2017 4:45pm

Thanks, Sondy for your transparency. This message from Ed really struck me, I am in a spiritually mismatched marriage which often makes it difficult when discussing tithing. I really feel like God wants me to pray about the right time to talk with my husband about this topic. I want to be intentional in my giving and further build His kingdom here on this earth. Please join me in praying for the right timing and courage to have this conversation with my husband.

Sondy Eklund January 26, 2017 1:43am

That's tough, Becca. I will pray! (I don't know if you know that my own marriage is long over. Now I'm far enough away, I have a little more perspective on things I'd like to change if I ever marry again.)

Becca January 30, 2017 2:09pm

Sondy, I didn't know that and I appreciate your prayers. When you ran up and hugged me on Sunday that touched my heart so much...I started to tear up. It feels good to be acknowledged and know that I am not alone...I have a community of believers to support and pray. You are a blessing.

Sondy Eklund January 30, 2017 10:58pm