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Opening Our Lives to People in Need: The Key Principle

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On Sunday, May 7, Pastor Ed Allen spoke again about Opening Our Lives to People in Need, this time looking at the big picture.

When you're trying to do good, knowing How to do so is tricky.  What will be helping others, and what is enabling?  When is it selfish to avoid the mess, and when is it prudent?

Jesus and his disciples gave us some critically important guardrails, principles to help us make God-honoring moment-by-moment decisions.

In the context of our personal resources, the first principle of the Kingdom is:

If we make our relationship with God the guiding and governing concern of our life, then everything else will fall into place.

Matthew 6:19-24 -- The real issue is not our valuables, but what we value.  Jesus always drives the conversation to the core issue.

Treasures include time, relationships, things, money.  As we treasure our relationship with God most - ALL of our situational decisions become clearer and clearer.

If we have a lack of generosity, it's because we treasured the wrong thing.  This is also why we worry.

4 Treasuring Principles:

1)  Treasuring the stuff of this world isn't a smart life strategy.

It won't work for the long haul (vs. 19-21).

2)  Treasuring the stuff of this world leads to spiritual blindness.

If our heart is dark, we're in the dark (vs. 22-23).

3)  Treasuring the stuff of this world crowds out our ability to treasure God (vs. 24).

4)  Treasuring the right stuff will be an end to most of our worries (vs. 25-34).

Jesus says the real question for us is not what we do with our valuables, but what we value; not how we manage our investments, but what we invest in; not how we give or spend our treasure, but what we are treasuring.

In decisions, we can ask, which way will enhance my relationship with God?