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Kinetic: Born Again

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On Sunday, Pastor Ed continued his Lenten sermon series called "Kinetic," looking at Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus in John 3:1-21.

1)  Jesus is describing a radical spiritual reorientation.

We tend to think of the Christian life as happening at the Application level, but it's really a change in operating system.

2)  Being born again is not our work; it is God's work in us.

Nicodemus was a spiritual veteran, but even he needed a whole new operating system.  The way everything is organized is different.

3)  Being born again is a very personal encounter.

Not some strange cosmic energy.  Jesus let us know how profoundly personal God is.

4)  Being born again is an experience over which we have no control.

Yes, I can invest in that relationship, but foundationally, the work is God's.

Nicodemus was accustomed to religion that was a self-salvation project.  Giving up control can be the hardest part.

5)  Jesus came not as a signpost pointing the way, but as a fork in the road.

His intention is to create momentum in us.

If the wind is blowing on your face this morning, say Yes.

Today is like every other day -- A day of surrender.

How has God been moving in you?

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