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Developing the Heart Attitudes We Need: Excellence

Today, July 30, 2017, Pastor Ed Allen continued his sermon series on Developing the Heart Attitudes We Need for this next phase of ministry in the life of our church - as we open our new building!

Last week, we looked at the first two G'Attitudes, Solidarity, with the key phrase Connect in Full! and Service, with the key phrases It's my pleasure! and Nobody eats alone!

Today we looked at a third heart attitude we need to develop:

Excellence  Colossians 3:22-23

Do what you do really well, as if you're doing it for the Lord.

Ed quoted a study of child musicians, the ones who decided they wanted to do this for years to come - they were the ones who became proficient musicians.  If we're committed, we'll soar.

Two obvious enemies of God-honoring excellence:

1)  Sloth

Qualities for thriving organizations:  Pursue excellence, not success.  If we want to pursue excellence, we will have to convert ideas into action.  But every idea eventually degenerates into hard work.

God does ask for our obedience.  It will involve hard work.  Proverbs 10:4, 20:4

Sometimes, we let ourselves off the hook too easily.

2)  Control

Our culture admires hard work in all its forms.  Even more than excellence, we admire success.

People in this category rarely let themselves off the hook.

They're working hard, but for the wrong reasons - terrified of making a mistake.  Are you doing it to protect yourself?  To promote yourself?

Again, Colossians 3:22-24 speaks to this.  Work "out of reverence for the Lord."  As followers of the Lord, we work with excellence to please Him.

We don't engage in diligent work for its own sake.

God doesn't want automatons or workaholics.  Abundance and satisfaction are found in Him.

Working with excellence has got to be the focus of our lives together for this next season.

Do it with excellence - for the Lord.

You don't know the effects of your actions.  We won't be lazy.  Or controlling.  We'll do it as to the Lord.

Pursue excellence, not success.  This is where suburban Americans get it wrong.  Success is in comparison with others, excellence in comparison with your own potential.  We're aiming for excellence.

God has given us an amazing place.  Let's step into it with excellence!

Key phrase:  If you see a problem, own it!

And we'll do that as if working for the Lord.

The King of kings will be at our new building.  Let's give him an appropriate welcome!