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Our Daily Bread

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Last Sunday, July 16, 2017, Pastor Ed Allen spoke on "Our Daily Bread."  The message was focused around this principle:

God's people acting faithfully will never lack God's supply.

We looked at R-LOWT, a theme in Deuteronomy, and we specifically looked at Deuteronomy 11.  R-LOWT stands for:

Remember God's deeds.

Love the Lord your God.

Obey the Lord's commands.

Worship the Lord.

Teach others.

R-LOWT should be a theme in our lives.

In fact, we must R-LOWT to experience God's provision.  R-LOWT creates a channel through which God's provision can flow (verses 13-15).

The opposite is also true (verses 16-17).  You'll notice you have a problem if you're having trouble with worry.

In our day, we receive God's provision through Jesus (Philippians 4:19).  Christ is enough for me.  Jesus makes up for the deficiencies in our ability to R-LOWT.

In God's covenant with Abraham, God took both sides.  Jesus is the sacrifice and the provision, the whole equation.

We need to focus on surrendering and remembering - rather than planning and worrying.  Love and obedience - not negotiation and control.

How to start?  Find the simplest commands and obey them.

When all else fails, and it often does, we fall on Jesus.

Here we did some remembering about how God has supplied for us at Gateway.  It's been our privilege to see God provide in amazing ways.  We got our property NOT through strategic thinking.

When all else fails, Jesus.

We didn't build this building so we'd grow, or to serve.  We were convinced God wanted us to do so.

Our strategy is:  R-LOWT!

And God has provided.

God's people, acting faithfully will never lack God's supply.

Two subpoints:

God's people acting faithfully looks like R-LOWTing.

When all else fails, Jesus.

Holiness: The Life of Joseph

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Last Sunday, July 9, 2017, Deen Salami brought the message, continuing in the series about Holiness.

He brought us a positive example, looking at the life of Joseph.

But first we looked at three components of holiness:


In 2 Timothy 2:20-21, Paul wants Timothy to be distinctive, different from the false teachers.


This involves determination, "those who cleanse themselves."  You can't be distinctive without choosing to cleanse yourself.


We get on the same page with God and can see what God is doing.  Paul talked about a thorn in the flesh and realized it was to keep him humble.  It takes discernment to know what God is up to.

What does holiness look like when we come up against obstructions?  We'll look at the life of Joseph, Genesis 37-50.

We started with the big picture, where Joseph is in a place of understanding, Genesis 45:4-8.

Looking at Joseph's background, we see rivalry and dysfunction in Genesis 37.  His character was already contrasted with his family, but it was more of a passive distinctiveness, so far.

We don't have to be a victim of our circumstances.

In Genesis 39, Joseph did good work in Potiphar's house.  God grants favor, but we still have work to do.

His father Jacob displayed resignation.  But Joseph had determination, actively engaged in being distinctive.

Samson was worn down by women; Joseph was not.  Joseph maintained his integrity - and it cost him.

A pattern for Joseph:  Even in prison, he's determined to be distinctive.

He was trustworthy and God had His hand on him - even in prison.

Egypt and all he went through gave him a platform in which to shine.

God uses our circumstances to give us a platform in which to shine.

The question is not "Why me?" but "What should I learn from these circumstances?"

Even after he interprets the dreams, Joseph has to wait 2 years. 

Once again, Joseph is put in charge.  After the long wait, God moves.

Our job is to be prepared so God can use us when He wants.

All these circumstances - 13 years - were his proving ground.

Becoming second in command wasn't his great triumph.

His great triumph was when he discerned what his life was all about.  (Back to Genesis 45:4-8)

The discernment took many years.  He was determined.  His determination made him distinctive.

Our circumstances don't define us; they show who we are.

A life of holiness is a life in preparation to be used by God.

Determine to be distinctive.


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