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Snowy Sunday

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Greetings on a Snowy Sunday!

This is normally when we'd post a Sermon Response, but there was no sermon today, due to snowy weather and icy roads.

However, this is a good time to reflect on Pastor Ed's Sermon last week.  He pointed out three themes that need to guide the life of our church going forward:

  1. As we grow larger, we must grow smaller.  Small Groups are part of the DNA of our church.
  2. We will be a community that gives.  That means our time and money and our facility.
  3. We will draw people in for the purpose of sending people out.  We can't just perfect our product and expect people to come to us.

And then he gave two observations:

  1. We've already done this.  This isn't new.  We need to get better at it, thinking of ourselves as a company of missionaries.
  2. We need to get ready! 

The sermon got me excited about the future of Gateway. After the service (at my small group meeting), Rob Showers pointed out that all this is in the context of Life Transformation.

Did the sermon affect my life this week?  Well, it made me think.  In what ways can I give to Gateway?  For me personally, one answer is to start giving my time to writing this blog.  One thing I like about this way of contributing is that it's suited to me, an introvert and a writer at heart.  We don't all have to give in the same ways.

This is where we're interested in comments.  Do you have some additional thoughts or responses to last week's sermon?

And I have an extra question this week:  What did you do on a snowy Sunday morning when church didn't meet?  I ended up taking a lovely long walk through the snow -- and made snow angels.  My plan was to be more spiritual and have an extra-long quiet time, but being out in God's creation all covered with loveliness definitely uplifted my spirit.

How about you?  How did you celebrate this Snowy Sunday?




Evidence for the Resurrection

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This past Sunday we talked about proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If you are interested in digging deeper into this topic, below you'll find a list of resources to get you on your way.

Resources Concerning the Actuality of the Resurrection

Gary Habermas

William Lane

  • Has written several books
  • Youtube lectures and debates with well-known skeptics

The Case for Christ by Lee Stoebel

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

For a Skeptics' Perspective...

Bart Ehrman

John Dominic Crossan

if you would like to read my full sermon notes on this topic, you can download those here.


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