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G'Attitudes Going Forward

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Last Sunday, July 23, 2017, Pastor Ed Allen preached about the heart attitudes we need in our community going forward, as we prepare to move into our new building.

We did a virtual tour of part of the building.  We are especially thankful for God's provision!  We take so much that God does for granted.

When we began the building process, we looked at four heart attitudes that we needed, from Joshua 1:

1)  Dependence

2)  Obedience

3)  Courage

4)  Solidarity

Now there are 6 heart attitudes we need for this next season.  We'll call them G'Attitudes (instead of Beattitudes) - Gateway Attitudes.

1)  Solidarity

2)  Service

3)  Excellence

4)  Flexibility

5)  Hospitality

6)  Generosity

On Sunday, we covered the first two.


We looked at Philippians 2:1-4.  We also want to make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

Church is not about me - not about selfish ambition or vain conceit.

Church is a "we" thing, not a "they" thing.

The word for church in Greek is ecclesia - "called out ones."  We're the gathered ones.

It involves stepping in and showing up.

The church is not a building, it's the people, the community.

I'm an integral part of the church.

Jesus defined the distinguishing characteristic of his church as Love.

Heart challenges:

1)  Some need to investigate and decide:  Is this the place God has for you?

2)  Some need to step into Gateway with our gifts and our interests.  You need to be counted in.  Let us feel the full weight of who you are.

3)  A few of us need to let go of some barrier - some conflict, some hurt, or some slight.

Theme:  Connect in full!

Don't give the scraps of your life to Gateway.  As much as you can, and as much as you should, step in.  Step in, give your all.


The second G'Attitude we need.  It's intricately intertwined with solidarity.  As we serve, our hearts get intertwined.

We looked at Philippians 2 again, going on to verses 5-11.

Selfish ambition is an alternative to service:  It's about me.

Our participation in church is not driven by selfish ambition.  Is this a place I can serve?

Our participation in church is not driven by vain conceit.  This is a service blocker.

If you're having trouble serving, these may be the problems.

Our participation in church is driven by humility, thinking about ourselves less often but more accurately.

Heart focuses:

1)  Let's think about other people's needs!

September to November this year, let's focus on our guests!  We're doing this for others. 

Make this our attitude:  "It's my pleasure!"

It's about service!  As soon as we turn our lives outward, our needs get met.

2)  Share meals - Take people out to eat.

"Nobody eats alone!"

Can we make this our motto this Fall?

Our Daily Bread

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Last Sunday, July 16, 2017, Pastor Ed Allen spoke on "Our Daily Bread."  The message was focused around this principle:

God's people acting faithfully will never lack God's supply.

We looked at R-LOWT, a theme in Deuteronomy, and we specifically looked at Deuteronomy 11.  R-LOWT stands for:

Remember God's deeds.

Love the Lord your God.

Obey the Lord's commands.

Worship the Lord.

Teach others.

R-LOWT should be a theme in our lives.

In fact, we must R-LOWT to experience God's provision.  R-LOWT creates a channel through which God's provision can flow (verses 13-15).

The opposite is also true (verses 16-17).  You'll notice you have a problem if you're having trouble with worry.

In our day, we receive God's provision through Jesus (Philippians 4:19).  Christ is enough for me.  Jesus makes up for the deficiencies in our ability to R-LOWT.

In God's covenant with Abraham, God took both sides.  Jesus is the sacrifice and the provision, the whole equation.

We need to focus on surrendering and remembering - rather than planning and worrying.  Love and obedience - not negotiation and control.

How to start?  Find the simplest commands and obey them.

When all else fails, and it often does, we fall on Jesus.

Here we did some remembering about how God has supplied for us at Gateway.  It's been our privilege to see God provide in amazing ways.  We got our property NOT through strategic thinking.

When all else fails, Jesus.

We didn't build this building so we'd grow, or to serve.  We were convinced God wanted us to do so.

Our strategy is:  R-LOWT!

And God has provided.

God's people, acting faithfully will never lack God's supply.

Two subpoints:

God's people acting faithfully looks like R-LOWTing.

When all else fails, Jesus.

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