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Walking with God in the School of Prayer

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Walking With God In The School of Prayer

Ok, so here we were a few months ago sitting in our Small Group (aka Home Fellowship for you Gateway old-timers) discussing what to “study.” We had just finished a book called Waking the Dead and it proved to be a powerful time of growth; both within our group and for our individual walks with God. We followed that up with Watchman Nee’s small book Sit, Walk, Stand, based upon Ephesians, which provided additional reinforcement to our Waking the Dead study. So, how do we follow that up? What does God have for us next … where should we go from here?

As it turned out, there was a new book on prayer coming out by John Eldredge called Moving Mountains. I had received an advance copy and thought it might be a good complement to the work we had already done. Little did I know what God had planned.

We started Moving Mountains in early April and, guess what, God is moving. Why does this always surprise me? He is moving in a way I have not exactly experienced before and it is powerful and amazing, integrated and gracious. God is providing us with a living, breathing, life altering study guide. A living field manual. The laboratory exercises to our intellectual “study” of prayer and it is powerful and effective; joyously simple and beautiful. Since we started “studying” prayer we have had three practicums that are bringing prayer to life in a very new and fresh way.

First, a member of our small group and his daughter traveled out of the country under very trying circumstances. The details really don’t matter. What does matter is how our small group circled up and covered them, their travel, their accommodations, their situation, their interactions with others, and their return in prayer. It was powerful. It was effective. From roughly 4,000 miles away God showed up, sent his Spirit, and his angels. God moved!

Second, a member of our small group was moved to pray over the Gateway land and building process. This in turn ignited activity that resulted in consecration and cleansing prayer by Pastor Ed and the elders on the property which was followed up, the next day, by our small group, along with a few others, praying on the church property. It was amazing and powerful. The fruit of this time of prayer and our continued follow-on prayers is still playing out but it was amazingly beautiful and restorative.

Third, yesterday, a neighbor’s son experienced cardiac arrest. Immediately, I contacted our small group members and we were “on our knees” and will continue to be as he continues his touch and go road to recovery.

But this story is not really about our small group. It is about God. It is about his faithfulness in helping his saints to grow up. It is about the sons and daughters of the King, many of who we do not even know, who he has raised up, united in prayer for individuals and situations that need him. It is about the men and women who are being loved by God through us and through our willingness and faithfulness to pray, learn and grow. To walk alongside God as he brings his Kingdom.

Yes, the world is many times dark and bleak; but it is also a world of beauty, love, caring, restoration, hope, and life. Our God reigns. In real-time. In the here and now. In the details of your life and mine. In the lives of men and women around the world. God is redeeming, renewing and restoring his Kingdom. But, the world IS at war, dear hearts; you are desperately needed and you have a crucial role to play!