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A Framework for Prayer

November 8, 20115

Pastor Ed Allen began a new series entitled “A Framework for Prayer”. We are never finished in learning how to pray. There are three ways of learning to pray: affective, attention and plan. Pastor Ed is going to take us on a journey, looking into how to plan prayer.

We will be learning and planning for prayer by looking into the prayer of the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 1:3-12.

Paul’s Framework: Pastor Ed uses a picture frame as a prop to show 4 sides of prayer.

  1. We start with Thanksgiving: A fundamental part of the mental framework that controls Paul’s praying. Paul is thankful that their faith is growing. Pastor Ed uses an example of how he is thankful for Diane, but needs to be thankful for the congregation. Another thing Paul is thankful for is persevering under trials.
  2. Next Pastor Ed covers Confidence in future: Paul’s confidence in the eternal destiny was also a fundamental part of this framework. Paul is confident that the Thessalonians will be counted worthy and will be given relief. Pastor Ed gives an example that History will come to an end. The followers of Jesus will be transformed. We are living in the here and now. Paul is confident that those who are far from God will be punished. Un-recounted sins will be righted by God.
  3. Another one that Pastor Ed covers is Substance: Knowing what Paul prays for informs. Paul prays that they may be counted worthy of God's call on their lives. Pastor Ed gives examples such as Praying for someone’s cancer to be cured or praying for a new job. Prayers are executed. Paul’s followers will step up. Paul prays that God, by his powers might bring to fruition every Christians good faith. Paul says we are filled with good faith. Pastor Ed’s example: Parents have prayers that their children will have good marriages. We pray that our building will come to fruition.
  4. Finally, the Goal. Paul’s prayers were grounded in something much more substantial than hard work and good intentions. Paul prayed with the ultimate goal of prayer in mind.   Jesus will be glorified and that we will be glorified in him.
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