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Building Update: Land Clearing!

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It's an exciting time to be at Gateway, and one big reason for that is the progress on our building!

Over the past years we've heard a lot about what the building will look like, how we will use it, and what we need to make it happen.  All of the time and energy we've poured into this project is now starting to bear fruit!  Things are moving fast, so try and keep up!

The latest step we've taken is the clearing and grading of our land in preparation for building.  Over the coming months we are going to see a lot of activity on our land, and things will change rather quickly, but for now we wanted to share some pictures of what's currently going on.  Take a look at some images below, and get excited because this is happening!

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Response? Proactive Submission

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On Sunday, Pastor Ed preached a sixth sermon from I Peter, talking about our response to the culture around us.

First, in honor of Mothers' Day, he interviewed JaRee and Ty, who recenty finalized the adoption of their child after five years, excruciating legal battles, and amazing and dramatic answers to prayer.  Their little girl said she knows her Mommy and Daddy love her because they adopted her.  She knows she's officially part of the family, and that means so much to her.

Then we began talking about I Peter 2:13-14.  We'd all like to influence our culture, and Peter gives us an attitude adjustment.

Our life should be characterized by proactive submission.

That's not passive nothingness.

We're to submit to EVERY "human institution."  We're to submit for the Lord's sake.

Why?  vs. 15 -- By doing good, we'll silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.  Put the critics to rest.

vs. 16-17 -- You're radically free, but don't use it to justify evil.

We are God's slaves.  We have given our rights to God.

vs. 18 -- A different word for "slaves," more like "house servants."  For us, this means submit to your employer.

This is attitudinal direction.  Our attitude in the workplace should be proactive submission.

Ask God what this looks like in our lives.

We live and act with proactive submission because it's how Jesus lived and acted.  He's our example.  vs. 18-25

We want to walk in His steps:

The Cultural Way vs. The Kingdom Way:


Impose your will vs. Offer grace

Legislate your position vs. Listen

Inform your opponent vs. Build relationship

"Help"/condescend vs. Offer mercy

Rowboat model of spirituality vs. Sailboat model of spirituality

We are tacking and working in the sailboat, but we're totally dependent on the wind for power.

We don't belong to this culture.  We're aliens and strangers.

Is this new way effective?  Think of Jesus' life and teaching.

How did the first Christians impact their culture?  They used the same means Jesus did.  Many died.  The way of the kingdom is service.

We can live and act with proactive submission because Jesus has healed us.

I Peter 3:1-7  Peter is writing to lots of women, probably many married to unbelieving husbands.  Use the same response:  proactive submission.

This doesn't mean a limp rag.  It will look different for everyone.  Sometimes proactive submission says No.

In his culture, Peter was really pushing the needle.  He wasn't trying to create an external revolution, but a revolution of the heart.

Remember, we gave up our rights.

Peter always gives doctrine before he gives practice.  What we believe matters.  He always tells Why.

Doctrine gives us the power to do the right thing.

You don't respond appropriately just because you want to.

Assignment:  Let's examine our own contexts.  Are we reflecting proactive submission?  Are we walking in the way of the kingdom, or the culture?