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Kidztown Teacher Feature: Trisha Sallee

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It's time for another Kidztown Teacher Feature!  It seems appropriate to interview Trisha Sallee, since she was given a well-deserved Rhino Award on Sunday.  She graciously answered my questions.

What is your official position with Kidztown?

Member of the Children's Ministry Team overseeing the Babies, Ones, and Twos classes with Terri Focht

I know you've also been a Small Group Leader, since you led the first one I was part of when I first came to Gateway.  What other ways have you and Phil helped out at Gateway?

Phil and I make it a habit to help out wherever help is needed. The more we serve, the more God grows His love in us for people. For us, church and family are synonymous, so we spend as much time with our family as possible. This includes helping to tear down after special services, church office work days, chaperoning youth events, coaching small group leaders (as much as we're able with our crazy family!), finance classes/encouragement, praying for others, and organizing meals for people who need them. This isn't done all at once, though! Right now, we regularly help out in Kidztown, with coaching, and do some financial advising.

How long have you been attending Gateway?

We came to Gateway the week after Easter in 2004, so we're coming up on 11 years. That's the longest we've attended anywhere.

Tell us about a time you were blessed by the kids.

That's a really hard question! For me, working with the kids has a cumulative effect. I think my favorite times have been when some of these kids have grown and are now in middle school or high school, I have the chance to have some conversations with them about how they see life or discuss a hard topic. When you make the time to intentionally get to know the kids, they find they can trust you with these types of things and it makes all of that hard work worth it.

Tell us about a life you've seen touched.

My own life has been touched by our years spent at Gateway. I've seen people continually go out of their way for others, some of whom do not even attend the church. I know families have sacrificed time, money, and budgets to help others in need. For us personally, we had over 40 people help us through six weeks of packing, moving, and unpacking on short notice when our rental was put on the market and I was 8 months pregnant. For my baby shower, all the women packed up my kitchen! On the day of the move, Nathan had literally just finished throwing up for 15 hours straight and I could do nothing but hold him. People refused to postpone that move and just took care of everything including buying lunch. Later, when we moved again, they all showed up again. Now, because of these experiences and more, we live our lives with an open door. Come by anytime for a visit. I promise the house will most likely be messy and lived in and if you want a job, you'll be put to work! Mostly, we'll just enjoy spending time with you, listening to you, and adding you to our growing family.

Thanks, Trisha!  We're so glad to have you a part of the Gateway Family!

Seder Dinner with the Markin/Maulella Group

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Last Friday, the Markin/Maulella Group held their annual Seder Dinner, hosting all Gateway's east-side small groups (including the Dinschel/Spears group and the Women's Group).

John Maulella led the Seder ceremony, talking about how each element points to Christ.  Kids are welcome and encouraged to participate at specific times in the dinner.

Comments from participants after the Seder:

"It's like the Passover meal revealed - the curtain has been lifted."
One of the kids said: "I learned that Yeshua is Jesus' name in Hebrew."
"The Afikomen so strongly relates to Jesus - the middle matzo wafer gets wrapped in a cloth and hidden for part of the Seder, just like Jesus was wrapped for burial and hidden away in the tomb to be revealed later."
The Markin/Maulella group has been studying the book of Mark.  When asked about answers to prayer, they say, "This year we've seen attitudes change, family members come to Christ, people receive promotions."
I think the pictures speak volumes.  This tradition has been happening for years, and it's lovely to see how it has grown.
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