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Who Do You Think You Are? Studies in Acts

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This week Pastor Alex York continued looking at Acts in the sermon series "Who Do You Think You Are?"
We looked at pictures of Tina Fey from a young age - going back, you can see who she is more clearly.
Early church is the same way! Three passages:
Acts 2:42-47
Acts 4:32-36
Acts 5:1-16
They were devoted to 4 things in 2:42-47:
-- the apostles' teaching
-- fellowship
-- the breaking of bread
-- prayer 
As a result, everyone was in awe of their miraculous signs. Believers were unified.
Luke's use of "being saved" - lately it has been offensive, but everyone needs saving!
People outside the church have very strong opinions about what is going on within it.
No commune in the early church, but if there was a brother or sister in need, they sold something and gave it to that brother.
Examples: Barnabas, and Ananias and Sapphira.
Ananias gave money, but Peter sees through him. Lying to the Holy Spirit... He drops dead. Then Sapphira shows up: lies about the land. She falls dead.
Warning: worldly distractions and little things are NOT little!!! 
Twelve apostles performing miraculous signs. People bring their sick family to the street hoping PETER'S SHADOW will fall on them!
6:1-7 Growing pains!!
Supplying food to widows - the Greek Jews complain of favoritism toward the Hebrew Jews.
The apostles pick 7 people to deal with the food thing, and their qualifications were: filled with the Spirit and wisdom.
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Who Do You Think You Are - Acts 3

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Last Sunday brought us three wonderful experiences.

First – Pastor Ed, jumped up on stage, jubilant from his recent visit with our Missionary team to the Dominican Republic. He encouraged us to dance, sing, rejoice and bounce for the Joy we find in Christ. It was a great time with laughs and high fives – and some of us got a real appreciation for how difficult it is to give high fives while bouncing!

With this as a warm up, Deen Salami came to the stage and gave us the second sermon in our series “Who Do You Think You Are?

Deen began the sermon with a brief story of his daughter’s realization about the depth of her athletic ability that happened during a Powderpuff football game. Although Deen had spoken to his daughter of her natural gifts, it was not until she actually exercised those gifts that she realized the actual power within her.

Deen pointed out that this story reflected the same challenge that we have within the church. We cannot realize the full potential of our power within the body of Christ by discussing it – we must act – as our lives, and how we live them, are the true testimony of our faith.

Deen read from Acts 3, where Peter and John heal a lame beggar at the temple gate.

From the reading, Deen wanted to give us a description of the Church’s actions at that time so that we might be able to discern the critical characteristics and attributes of Christ’s followers -- so that we can compare these to our own lives and actions, and make the necessary changes or adjustments to our lives if we are off the mark.

It is important for us to remember:

  • The Context within which we work – Jesus gave his all for us.
  • That we must also retain our Concern for the word – Timothy 3:16-17 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
  • That we must communicate well! Our words need to be compelling and full of life and wisdom!

Obviously accomplishing this is a tall order. For those outside the church – it is useful for us to challenge our current worldview and assumptions. Jesus offers a path to life that cannot be found elsewhere.

For those of us within the church we are called to serve as witnesses to the life giving transformation that Jesus offers. This is not something we can take lightly – and indeed is something we must exercise if we are to fully understand the power of Jesus’ gift to us.

The Third and most wonderful part of the day were the Baptisms of Felicia and Will. Both of them are a wonderful addition to our Church family.


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