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Fantastic! - Jesus' Transfiguration

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This week, John Maulella continued Pastor Ed's sermon series, "Fantastic: Incredible Stories from Jesus' life and their Significance for Us."

This week's Scripture passage was Matthew 17:1-13, about Jesus' Transfiguration.

When we're in a dark situation, we need someone with authority and light.

The context for this story was dark.  Peter had his confession, then he got it wrong.  Jesus had been speaking of his upcoming rejection and death.

Mountains in the Bible are places of encounter with God.

Moses and Elijah appeared.  Both knew what it was to lead and love an ungrateful people.  But here the light wasn't reflecting from Jesus, it was radiating from Jesus.  He is "the radiance of God's glory."

There's a common theme from other encounters with God:  They're terrified.

Maybe God seems hidden because we can't handle him.

God is dangerous.  He's powerful; he's holy; and he's different.

When God reveals himself, we're exposed.

Jesus is the tabernacle -- where God's holiness is contained.

Theme of the Bible:  God wants to live with his people.

The cloud of God's glory rested on all of them.

We see here a picture of God sharing his glory with us.

In the Old Covenant, God moved into the neighborhood.  Now he's *in us.*

God doesn't show us anything he doesn't want to share with us.  He calls us to participate in miracles.

The voice of God said, "Listen to him."  Recognize the unique authority and light of Jesus.  Jesus isn't the same level as Moses and Elijah.

A danger in the church may be wanting to mix Moses and Elijah with Jesus. 

Moses:  We like a checklist, performance-oriented Christianity.

Elijah:  We look for an external word.

We need to make Jesus the center of our lives and our identity.

Look to Jesus.


As I look back on this sermon, I'm putting together the pieces.  If we look to Jesus, and let his light shine in our lives, we're going to feel exposed.  Can we expose our everyday lives to Jesus' light?  Sometimes it's easier to go about our days and let time with him slip away.

How about you?  How did this sermon touch your heart and life?

Prayer and Praise - The Lord is our Confidence.

Last Tuesday night, more than a dozen Gateway folks met for a Prayer and Praise service.

This included singing, praise, thanksgiving, silent confession, and intercession in small groups.

We filled up the cozy homelike room at the back of the church office.

We focused on Psalm 27 and the theme:  The Lord is our Confidence.

It's so good to come together and pray and thank God together as a body and with members we don't necessarily see regularly.  I almost always meet someone new, and in the small group context, I feel like I get to know them more quickly.

Our next Prayer and Praise service will happen on Tuesday, April 14.

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