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Jungle Safari Clubs

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Jungle Safari Clubs happened this week at the church office and last week in Fairfax.

Here are a few reviews from the Fairfax Jungle Safari Club:

Girl age 6: This was the best day of my life!
Boy age 10: It was awesome.
Boy age 4: Good, I wanted to borrow a flag or bear but it has to stay there forever so people know where to go!

And here are a few pictures.

If you attended one of the Jungle Safari Clubs, be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

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Organized Mass Chaos! Full Church Style

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Last Sunday, after church, we had Organized Mass Chaos!

You may well ask, "What is Organized Mass Chaos?"

Essentially, it's a whole bunch of people (massive) engaged in purposeful tasks (organized), but each engaged in their own individual silly task (chaos).







Erin Krotz, our Children's Director, thought the whole church should experience what the kids do at the end of the Jungle Safari Clubs.

The church was divided into four teams.  (The Blue Team was the best.)  We each had task cards, and each team member grabbed a task card to work on.

Many of the task cards involved getting messy, as you can see.

Pretty much all of the task cards involved doing something silly.

The main rule:  You can ask anyone for help, and they have to stop what they're doing and help you.

And we had lots of fun, simply laughing together.  (Okay, there was also some deliberate getting each other messy before the day finished up.)

Were you there?  Tell us what you thought of O.M.C. in the comments!










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