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Evidence for the Resurrection

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This past Sunday we talked about proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If you are interested in digging deeper into this topic, below you'll find a list of resources to get you on your way.

Resources Concerning the Actuality of the Resurrection

Gary Habermas

William Lane

  • Has written several books
  • Youtube lectures and debates with well-known skeptics

The Case for Christ by Lee Stoebel

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

For a Skeptics' Perspective...

Bart Ehrman

John Dominic Crossan

if you would like to read my full sermon notes on this topic, you can download those here.


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Video: Thoughts from the Father/Daughter Dance

At this year's Father/Daughter dance, both Alex York and his daughter Abby (through video) shared some of their thoughts on effective ways to build effective, God honoring relationships between fathers and daughters.  In this short video, Alex rehashes some of those ideas.

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